IXYS MUBW35-12A7 New Stock

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IXYS MUBW35-12A7 is a power diode module designed for use in various industrial applications such as welding & battery charging.
Electrical Specifications:
Maximum Average Forward Current: 35 A
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: 1200 V
Maximum Surge Current: 500 A
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop: 1.85 V at 35 A
Maximum Reverse Recovery Time: 200 ns
Maximum Reverse Recovery Current: 30 A
Mechanical Specifications:
Weight: 130 g
Module Type: Standard Diode
Package Style: MiniBLOC
Mounting Style: Screw
Mounting Torque: 3.5 Nm
Operating Temperature: -40 to +125 °C
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