Infineon #FF900R12IP4 New Instock

FF900R12IP4 FF900R12IP4 FF900R12IP4 FF900R12IP4 FF900R12IP4
#FF900R12IP4  Typische Anwendungen
. Hilfsumrichter
Electrical Features
.Extended Operation Temperture Tvj op
.High DC stability
.High Short Circuit Capability, Self Limiting Short Circuit Current
.Unbeatable Robustness
.VcEsat with positive Temperature Coefficient
Low VcEsat
Mechanical Features
.4kV AC 1min Insulation
.Package with CTI>400
.High Creepage and Clearance Distances
.High Power and Thermal Cycling Capability
.High Power Density
.Substrate ofr Low Thermal Resistance
IGBT Module 1200V / 900A /1800A

YouTube :
FF900R12IP4 FF900R12IP4

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