VICOR V24C15T100BL New Stock

Sell V24C15T100BL, #VICOR #V24C15T100BL New Stock, Data Sheet 24V Input Micro FamilyDC-DC Converter Module,Shown actual size:2.28 x 1.45 x 0.5 in57,9 x 36,8 x 12,7 mm , #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #V24C15T100BL
•RoHS Compliant (with F or G pin option)
•DC input range: 18 – 36 V
•Operation to 16 V at 75% power after startup
•Input surge withstand: 50 V for 100 ms
•DC output: 3.3 – 48 V
•Programmable output: 10 to 110%
•Regulation: ±0.4% no load to full load
•Efficiency: Up to 89%
•Maximum operating temp: 100°C, full load
•Power density: up to 60 W per cubic inch
•Height above board: 0.43 in. (10,9 mm)
•Parallelable, with N+M fault tolerance
•Low noise ZCS/ZVS architecture
•Isolated output
Product Overview
These DC-DC converter modules use advanced power processing, control andpackaging technologies to provide theperformance, flexibility, reliability and costeffectiveness of a mature power component. High frequency ZCS/ZVS switchingprovides high power density with lownoise and high efficiency.
Industrial and process control, distributedpower, medical, ATE, communications,defense, aerospace
The VICOR V24C15T100BL is a DC-DC converter module. It is a high-density, high-efficiency device that converts a nominal 24 VDC input to a regulated 15 VDC output with a maximum power rating of 100 watts. It is designed for use in industrial, telecom, and other applications where a compact, high-performance DC-DC solution is needed. The module is fully encapsulated and has a wide operating temperature range, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. The V24C15T100BL is available through VICOR’s distribution network.
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