Mitsubishi CM900HC-90H New Stock

Sell CM900HC-90H, Mitsubishi CM900HC-90H New Stock, Mitsubishi hvigbt modules 900A 4500V high power switching use insulated type #CM900HC_90H

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Mitsubishi CM900HC-90H is a high-power IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications. This module(CM900HC-90H) has maximum voltage rating 1200V & current rating 900A, widely use in high-power motor drives, power supplies, and other industrial equipment.

CM900HC-90H is built with a high-temperature, rugged construction, It features low on-state voltage & fast switching speeds, help to minimize power losses and improve efficiency.

CM900HC-90H Features:
● IC…………………….900 A
● VCES ……………… 4500 V
● Insulated Type
● 1-element in a Pack
● AISiC Base plate
VCES Collector-emitter voltage VGE = 0V, Tj = 25°C 4500V
VGES Gate-emitter voltage VCE = 0V, Tj = 25°C ± 20V
IC Collector current DC, Tc = 100°C 900A
ICM Collector current Pulse (Note 1) 1800A
Pc Maximum power dissipation (Note 3) Tc = 25°C, IGBT part 11900W
Viso Isolation voltage RMS, sinusoidal, f = 60Hz, t = 1 min. 6000V
Tj Junction temperature –40 ~ +150°C
Top Operating temperature Pulse (Note 1) –40 ~ +125°C
Tstg Storage temperature –40 ~ +125°C
Tpsc Maximum short circuit pulse width VCC = 3200V, VCE ≤ VCES, VGE = 15V, Tj = 125°C 10µs

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