High-Performance Power Modules: 2MBI400U2B-060 and PD10M44OH7B06

High-Performance Power Modules: 2MBI400U2B-060 and PD10M44OH7B06

Selecting the right power modules for your applications is crucial to ensure efficiency, reliability, and performance. Shunlongwei Electronics offers a range of high-quality power modules, including the 2MBI400U2B-060 and the PD10M44OH7B06.


The 2MBI400U2B-060 is a high-power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module from Fuji Electric, renowned for its robust performance in high-voltage and high-current applications. On the other hand, the PD10M44OH7B06 is a MOSFET module known for its efficiency in switching and power management.

Key Features


  • Manufacturer: Fuji Electric
  • Type: IGBT Module
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Current Rating: 400A
  • Package: Standard Module
  • High-Performance Power Modules: 2MBI400U2B-060 and PD10M44OH7B06


  • Manufacturer: Not specified (typically cross-referenced with standard MOSFET manufacturers)
  • Type: MOSFET Module
  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Current Rating: 10A
  • Package: TO-220AB
  • High-Performance Power Modules: 2MBI400U2B-060 and PD10M44OH7B06

Detailed Specifications

To help you compare these modules directly, here are the detailed specifications:

Parameter 2MBI400U2B-060 PD10M44OH7B06
Manufacturer Fuji Electric Not specified
Type IGBT Module MOSFET Module
Voltage Rating 600V 600V
Current Rating 400A 10A
Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCES) 600V N/A
Collector Current (IC) 400A N/A
Peak Forward Voltage Drop (VFM) N/A 1.35V
Thermal Resistance (RthJC) 0.125°C/W 2.5°C/W
Operating Junction Temperature -40°C to 150°C -55°C to 175°C
Weight 150g 2g
Isolation Voltage 2500VAC N/A
Mounting Type Screw Through Hole
Applications Motor Drives, Inverters, Power Supplies Power Management, Switching



The 2MBI400U2B-060 is ideal for applications requiring efficient switching and high reliability. Common uses include:

  • Motor Drives: Ensuring smooth and efficient control of motor speeds.
  • Inverters: Converting DC to AC power efficiently.
  • Power Supplies: Providing stable and regulated power to various electronic devices.


The PD10M44OH7B06 excels in power management and switching tasks. It is widely utilized in:

  • Power Management: Efficiently managing power distribution in various devices.
  • Switching Applications: Ideal for rapid switching operations in electronic circuits.
  • Portable Devices: Used in battery-operated devices for efficient power usage.



  • High Efficiency: Low power loss ensures energy savings.
  • Robust Design: Capable of handling high voltage and current, suitable for demanding applications.
  • Reliability: Durable construction provides long-term stability and performance.


  • Low Power Loss: Designed to minimize power dissipation, increasing overall efficiency.
  • High Temperature Tolerance: Capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures, suitable for various environments.
  • Compact Size: Small footprint ideal for space-constrained applications.


The 2MBI400U2B-060 and the PD10M44OH7B06 from SLW Electronics offer top-tier performance and reliability, tailored to different application needs. Whether you need a high-efficiency IGBT module for motor drives and inverters or a compact MOSFET module for power management and switching, these components are designed to meet your needs.

Invest in quality and reliability with the 2MBI400U2B-060 and PD10M44OH7B06 power modules from Shunlongwei Co ltd. Visit their respective product pages to learn more and make your purchase:

Ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently with these exceptional power modules.

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