Semikron SKM200GAR125D New Stock

Sell SKM200GAR125D, #Semikron #SKM200GAR125D New Stock, SKM200GAR125D SEMITRANS 3 (106x62x31) 1200V 150A Single Switch NPT IGBT (Ultrafast) Not for new designs, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #SKM200GAR125D
.N channel.homogeneous Si
.Low inductance case
.Short tail current with low temperature dependence
.High short Circuit capability,self limiting to 6*Icnom
.Fast &soft inverse CAL diodes
.Isolated copper baseplate using DCB Direct Copper Bonding Technolohy
.Large clearance(13mm)and creepage distance(20mm)
Typical Applications*
.Switched mode power supplies an fsw>20kHz
.Resonant inverters up to 100kHz
.inductive heating
.Electronic welders at fsw>20kHz
Maximum ratings and characteristics
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:1200V
Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V
Collector current Ic:200A
Collector current Icp:300A
Collector power dissipation Pc:1270W
Collector-Emitter voltage VCES:4000V
Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg :-40 to +125°C
Mounting screw torque 3.5 N·m
Weight 325g
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