Use of Diamond Grinding Wheels Correctly

Use of Diamond Grinding Wheels Correctly

The diamond grinding wheel is the hardest grinding wheel. It has the capability of being all-conquering and the grinding ability is very strong. However, pay attention to the use of diamond grinding wheels to extend the service life of the diamond wheel.

  1. A diamond grinding wheel is a valuable tool, only used to process high hardness brittle materials, not suitable for grinding general steel or other soft materials.
  2. After fixing the diamond wheel on the flange, it should be statically balanced before using. It should be noted that do not remove the flange from the wheel until it has run out.
  3. The rigidity of the grinding machine is better, and the accuracy of spindle is higher( radial runout is not more than 0.01mm), and it can be used for micro crossfeed.
  4. Selection of grinding amount, the following data is available for reference.

diamond grinding wheels

(1)Wheel linear velocity

Metal bond grinding wheel: 110~15m/s(dry grinding), 220~35m/s (wet grinding)

Resin bond grinding wheel: 115~30m/s (dry grinding), 225~40m/s (wet grinding)

(2) Workpiece speed: 10~15m/min.

(3) Grinding depth: The grinding depth is small, otherwise the grinding wheel wears quickly and the grinding efficiency is not high. It is usually 0.005-0.01mm/stroke. The finer the abrasive grain size, the smaller the grinding depth should be, especially the coolant is not used.

(4) Longitudinal feed rate: generally 10~15 m/min.

(5) The coolant should be used as much as possible during grinding, which not only improves the grinding efficiency and grinding quality, but also the wear of the grinding wheel is small. Commonly used coolants are kerosene, light diesel oil and light oil lamps. Kerosene is preferred.

(6) When the new diamond grinding wheel is used, it needs to be dressed in order to obtain the correct shape( outer roundness, flatness of the end face). The dressing method can be done with the silicon carbide grinding wheel or with the silicon carbide abrasive that on the metal plate or glass plate for dressing by hand( for dressing the end face of the grinding wheel).

diamond grinding wheel dressing

In order to save expensive diamond grinding wheels, the natural dressing method can also be used, that is, the new grinding wheel is first used for rough grinding, and after being worn to have the correct shape, and then do fine grinding. If the grinding wheel is not sharp enough or blocked during the grinding process, the working surface of the grinding wheel can be carefully adjusted by hand with the silicon carbide grinding wheel.

Also, pay attention to several problems when operating the grinding machine.

7 questions in grinding machine safety precautions

  1. Operation in the front

In daily use, many operators are always used to working on the grinding wheel because the operator can put forth his strength in this direction. In fact, this behavior is prohibited in the operation of the grinder. According to the operating procedure, when grinding the workpiece by wheels, the operators should stand on the side of the grinding wheel and not operate in the front side of the grinding wheel to avoid the wheel flying out or breaking out and hurting people when the grinding wheel fails.

  1. Side grinding

In daily use, we often find that some operators do not divide the type of grinder, regardless of the types, and do side grinding at random. This is a serious violation of the safety operation rules. According to the regulations, the grinding wheel with the circumferential surface as the working surface should not be ground. The radial strength of the grinding wheel is large, and the axial strength is very small. When the force from the operator is too strong, the grinding wheel will be broken and even hurt people. This behavior should be prohibited during using.

7 questions in grinding machine safety precautions

  1. Operating together

In the actual daily operation, there are also such cases. Some people share one grinding machine to operate at the same time in order to catch up with the production task and save the working time. This is a serious operation in violation of rules and should be strictly prohibited. When one grinding machine is not enough, it can be solved by adding a grinding machine. It is absolutely not allowed to share one grinding machine at the same time.

  1. Hard force for operating

When using the grinding machine, some operators, especially younger operators, are trying to grind quickly and put his strength too much, which is a very unsafe operation.

  1. Wear a problem

Any grinding wheel has its certain wear requirements. If the wear condition reaches a certain level, it should be replaced with a new one. Do not use excessive wear in order to save materials. This is a very unsafe violation. When the grinding wheel is worn to the diameter that is 10mm larger than that of the chuck, should replace a new grinding wheel.

2019 How to Choose The Right Internal Grinding Wheels

  1. Validity issues

The new grinding wheel maybe not a qualified grinding wheel. Even the new grinding wheel purchased from the manufacturer may be not a qualified one. Any grinding wheel has a certain expiration date. It is used within the valid period and it is a qualified one. If it is used beyond the expiration date, it may be not a qualified one. The regulations rules that the grinding wheel should be used within the validity period. The resin and rubber bond grinding wheels should be subjected to the rotary test after one year of storage. Only qualified wheels can be used.

  1. Material problem

In the process of use, if there are cracks locally on the grinding wheels, stop using it immediately and replace the new one to avoid causing the grinding wheel crushed and hurt people.


The use of diamond grinding wheels correctly is very important, the grinding machine safety precautions need to attract the attention

Use of Diamond Grinding Wheels Correctly

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