Semikron SKM200GB124D

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Semikron SKM200GB124D is a high power semiconductor module designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications, such as motor drives, inverters, and power supplies. It consists of two insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) with a voltage rating 1200V & current rating 200A each.

SKM200GB124D is built with advanced technology to provide high efficiency and reliable performance. It has low thermal resistance, helps to reduce heat dissipation & improve thermal management, it features low on-state voltage drop, which results in lower power losses and higher energy efficiency.

SKM200GB124D Description

• MOS input (voltage controlled)
• N channel, homogeneous Silicon structure NPT-IGBT (Non punch through)
• Low saturation voltage
• Low inductance case
• Low tail current with low temperature dependence
• High short circuit capability, self limiting to 6 * Icnom
• Latch-up free
• Fast & soft inverse CAL diodes 8)
• Isolated copper baseplate using DCB Direct Copper Bonding Technology without hard mould • Large clearance (12 mm) and creepage distances (20 mm) Typical Applications → B 6 – 161 • Switching (not for linear use)
• Inverter drives
Typical Applications include
Switched mode power supplies
DC servo and robot drives
Inverters DC choppers
AC motor speed control
UPS Uninterruptable power supplies
General power switching applications
Electronic (also portable) welders
1) Tcase = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified
2) IF = – IC, VR = 600 V, –diF/dt = 1500 A/µs, VGE = 0 V
3) Use VGEoff = –5… –15 V 8) CAL = Controlled Axial Lifetime Technology200A/1200V/IGBT/2U

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