Sell Mitsubishi PS21265-AP instock

Sell PS21265-AP, #Mitsubishi #PS21265-AP New Stock, INTEGRATED POWER FUNCTIONS 600V/20A low-loss 5th generation IGBT inverter bridge for three phase DC-to-AC power conversion, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #PS21265_AP

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• For upper-leg IGBTS :Drive circuit, High voltage high-speed level shifting, Control supply under-voltage (UV) protection.
• For lower-leg IGBTS : Drive circuit, Control supply under-voltage protection (UV), Short circuit protection (SC).
• Fault signaling : Corresponding to an SC fault (Lower-side IGBT) or a UV fault (Lower-side supply).
• Input interface : 3, 5V line compatible. (High Active)
Supply voltage Applied between P-N VCC 450V
Supply voltage (surge) Applied between P-N VCC(surge) 500V
Collector-emitter voltage VCES 600V
Each IGBT collector current TC = 25°C IC 20A
Each IGBT collector current (peak) TC = 25°C, less than 1ms ICP 40A
Collector dissipation TC = 25°C, per 1 chip PC 51.2W
Junction temperature Tj –20~+125°C
Self protection supply voltage limit (short circuit protection capability) VCC(PROT) 400V
Module case operation temperature Tc –20~+100°C
Storage temperature Tstg –40~+125 °C
Isolation voltage 60Hz, Sinusoidal, AC 1 minute, connecting pins to heat-sink plate Viso 2500V
Mounting screw : M4 0.98~1.47 N.m
Weight 54g

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