SanRex #FRS300BA50 New Instock

FRS300BA50 FRS300BA50 FRS300BA50
FRS300BA50 Description
FRS300BA is a high speed isolated diode module designed for high power switching
application. FRS300BA is suitable for high frequency application requiring low loss and high speed control.
High Speed trr 200ns
IF AV 300A
Isolated Mounting base.
High Surge Capability
Inverter Welding Power Supply
Power Supply for Telecommunication
Various Switching Power Supply.
VRRM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 500V
VR DC D.C. Reverse Voltage 400V
Tj Operating Junction Temperature -40~150°C
Tstg Storage Temperature -40~+125°C
VISO Isolation Breakdown Voltage R.M.S. A.C. 1 minute 2500V

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