SanRex #DFA150BA80 New Instock

DFA150BA80 is isolated power module designed for the rectification requiring prevention rush current. This module has six diodes connected in 3-phase bridge, and a thyristor connected in series with the DC line.
Maximum ratings and characteristics
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
VRRM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 800V
ID Output Current(D.C.)Three phase full wave,Tc=105°C 150A
IFSM Surge forward current 1cycle, 50/60Hz, Peak value, non-repetitive 1460A
Tj Operating Junction Temperature -40~+150°C
VFM Forward Voltage Drop,max IFM=150A,Inst.measurement 1.35V
Rth(j-c)Thermal Impedance,max Junction to case(Total)0.09°C/W
Tstg Storage Temperature -40~+125°C
Mounting torque Mounting(M5) Recommended Value 1.5~2.5(15~25)2.7(28)N・m(kgf・cm)
Mounting torque Terminals(M5)Recommended Value 1.5~2.5(15~25)2.7(28)N・m(kgf・cm
Rth(c-f)Thermal Impedanc,max  Thermal conductivity of silicone grease = 7×10-3(W/cm・°C),Effective rate of contact. 0.6 0.1 °C/W
VISO Isolation Breakdown Voltage(R.M.S.)A.C., 1minute 2500V
Mass Typical value 150g

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