IXXS #VUB71-16NO1 New Instock

Three hase Rectifieer Bridge with IGBT and Fast Recovery Diode for Braking System
. Soldering Connections for PCB Mounting
. Isolation voltage 3600V~
. Ultrafast free wheeling diode
. Convenient package outline
. Thermistor
. Drive Inverers with brake system
. 2 functions inn one package
. No external isolaion necceary
. Easy too mount  with two csrews
. Suitable for wave soldering
. High temperatture and power cycling capability
Idavm= 70A
Ifsm Tvj=45°C,t=10ms, VR=0V 530A
Ptot Th=25°C per diode 90W
VGECcontinuous ±20V
Weight 35g

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwrWV_9u-DQ
VUB71-16NO1 VUB71-16NO1

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