Powersem PSND200E/12 New Stock

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PSND 200E/12 Features
•Package with screw terminals
•Isolation voltage 3000 V∼
•Planar glass passivated chips
•Short recovery time
•Low forward voltage drop
•Short recovery behaviour
•UL registered, E 148688
•Inductive heating and melting
•Free wheeling diode in converters and motor control circuits
•Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
•Ultrasonic cleaners and welders Advantages
•High reliability circuit operation
•Low voltage peaks for reduced
protection circuits
• Low noise switching
• Low losses
Maximum ratings and characteristics
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:1200V
Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V
Collector current Ic:156A
Collector current Icp:312A
Collector power dissipation Pc:1270W
Collector-Emitter voltage VCES:3000V
Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg :-40 to +125°C
Mounting screw torque 5 N·m
Weight 270g
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