IXYS #MCC162-18io1 New Instock

Manufacturer Part Number: MCC162-18IO1
Features / Advantages:
● Thyristor for line frequency
● Planar passivated chip
● Long-term stability
● Direct Copper Bonded Al2O3-ceramic
● Line rectifying 50/60 Hz
● Softstart AC motor control
● DC Motor control
● Power converter
● AC power control
● Lighting and temperature control
● Isolation Voltage: V~
● Industry standard outline
● RoHS compliant
● Soldering pins for PCB mounting
● Base plate: DCB ceramic
● Reduced weight
● Advanced power cycling
Disclaimer Notice:Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, users should independently evaluate the suitability of and test each product selected for their own applications. Littelfuse products are not designed for, and may not be used in, all applications.
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
max. non-repetitive reverse/forward blocking voltage VRSM/DSM 1900V
max. repetitive reverse/forward blocking voltage VRRM/DRM 1800V
Average forward current ITAV Tc =85 °C 180A
IRMS forward current 180°C sine IT(RMS) 300A
Max. gate power dissipation tp= 30μs Tc=125 °C PGM 120W
TVJ virtual junction temperature -40 ~ 125 °C
Tstg storage temperature -40 ~ 125 °C
mounting torque Mc 2.25~2.75 Nm
Isolation voltage i minute 50/60 Hz, RMS Visol 3600V

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-IgX7tjbzk

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