Semikron #SKD145/16 New Instock

Brand Semikron
Model No. SKD145/16
Current 140 A
Voltage 3600 V
weight 75g
.Compact design
.SKiip technology:thermal pressure contact, no base plate and no hard mould
.Two screws mounting
.Heat transfer and isolation through direct copper board(low Rth)
.Low resistance in steady-state and high reliability
.High surge currents
.Up to 3600V
Typical Applications
. For DC drives with a fixed direction of rotation
. Controlled field rectifier for DC motors
. Controlled battery charger
Collector-Emitter voltage G-E short-circuited Visol:1600V
Gate-Emitter voltage G-E short-circuited VGES:±20V
Collector current DC,Tc=124°C(Note. 2,4 ) Ic : 145A
Collector current Pulse,Repetitive(Note.3) ICRM  : 290A
Collector-Emitter Voltage VRRM 1600V
Mounting screw torque 3.5*1 N·m

YouTube :
SKD145/16 SKD145/16

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