Fuji #1MBI600NN-060 New Instock


• Square RBSOA
• Low Saturation Voltage
• Less Total Power Dissipation
• Improved FWD Characteristic
• Minimized Internal Stray Inductance
• Overcurrent Limiting Function (~3 Times Rated Current)
• High Power Switching
• A.C. Motor Controls
• D.C. Motor Controls
• Uninterruptible Power Supply
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Collector-Emitter Voltage 600V
Gate -Emitter Voltage VGES ± 20 V
Max. Power Dissipation PC 2000 W
Operating Temperature Tj +150 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 ~ +125 °C
Isolation Voltage A.C. 1min. Vis 2500 V
Zero Gate Voltage Collector Current ICES VGE=0V VCE=600V 4.0 mA
Gate-Emitter Leackage Current IGES VCE=0V VGE=± 20V 60 µA

The Fuji 1MBI600NN-060 is a module-type power electronic device called an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT). It is a high-power electronic component that is often used in inverters, motor drives, and other power electronic systems. The “1MBI” in the name refers to the fact that the device is a single module IGBT, and the “600” refers to the device’s maximum collector current rating of 600 amperes. The “NN” indicates that the device is designed for use in a non-insulating package, and the “060” refers to the device’s maximum collector-emitter voltage rating of 600 volts.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8maGYjobifQ
1MBI600NN-060 1MBI600NN-060

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