Infioneon CM400DU-24NFJ New Stock

Sell CM400DU-24NFJ, #Infioneon #CM400DU-24NFJ New Stock, Dual IGBTMOD™ NFJ-Series Module 400 Amperes/ 1200 Volts, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #CM400DU_24NFJ
Description: Infineon IGBT MOD™ Modules are designed for use in high frequency applications; 30 kHz for hard switching applications and 60 to 70 kHz for soft switching applications. Each module consists of two IGBT Transistors in a half-bridge configuration with each transistor having a reverse-connected super-fast recovery free-wheel diode. All components and interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, offering simplified system assembly and thermal management.
.Low ESW(off)
.Discrete Super-Fast Recovery Free-Wheel Diode
.Isolated Baseplate for Easy Heat Sinking
.Power Supplies
.Induction Heating
Absolute Maximum Ratings, Tj = 25°C unless otherwise specified
Collector-Emitter Voltage (VGE = 0V) VCES 1200 Volts
Gate-Emitter Voltage (VCE = 0V) VGES ±20 Volts
Collector Current (DC, TC = 125°C)*2,*4 IC 400 Amperes
Collector Current (Pulse, Repetitive)*3 ICRM 800 Amperes
Total Power Dissipation (TC = 25°C)*2,*4 Ptot 2450 Watts
Emitter Current*2IE*11000 Amperes
Emitter Current (Pulse, Repetitive)*3 IERM*800 Amperes
Isolation Voltage (Terminals to Baseplate, RMS, f = 60Hz, AC 1 minute) Visol 2500 Volts
Maximum Junction Temperature Tj(max) 175 °C
Maximum Case Temperature TC (max) 125 °C
Operating Junction Temperature Tj(op) -40 to +150 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 to +125 °C
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