Toshiba #MG100J6ES50 New Instock

MG100J6ES50 MG100J6ES50 MG100J6ES50 MG100J6ES50
High Power Switching Applications
Motor Control Applications
The electrodes are isolated from case.
High input impedance.
6 IGBTs built into 1 package.
High speed : tf = 0.30µs (Max) (IC = 100A)
trr = 0.15µs (Max) (IF = 100A)
Low saturation voltage : VCE (sat) = 2.70V (Max) (IC = 100A)
IGBT: 100A600V; Toshiba GTR Module Silicon N Channel IGBT. MG100J6ES50. High Power Switching Applications. Motor Control

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