The wide application of sodium silicate products makes this industry occupy an important position

When the content of sodium silicate impurities is very small, the glassy anhydrous solid water glass is colorless transparent glass. As the content of impurities increases, the vitreous body takes on color. The iron oxide in the magazine gives it a light brown, dark brown, or even black color. The depth of color deepens as the modulus decreases.

Studying acids, whether in bulk or powdered solid anhydrous sodium silicate, is difficult. However, it is easily decomposed by hydrofluoric acid to form volatile SiF4 and alkali metal fluoride. Caustic soda can dissolve solid water glass, especially to fine powder reaction fast.

It is used extensively in all areas of the nation's economy. It is used to create the catalysts for cracking silicon in petroleum. aluminum catalysts. In the chemical industry, it is used to manufacture silica gel, zeolite molecular sieve, precipitated silica, and various silicates, which are the basic raw materials of silicides; In the light chemical industry, it is an indispensable filler in washing powder and soap. In the textile industry, it is used for dyeing, bleaching, and sizing. The construction industry manufactures quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement, waterproof oil, soil curing agents, refractory materials, corrugated boards, etc. In mining, it is used for mineral processing, waterproofing, and plugging; In agriculture, it is used to make silicon fertilizer.

In the form of solid, the main method is to use soda ash and high-quality quartz sand as raw materials, remove part of the water in the sand reservoir, and the quartz sand with uniform water into the receiving port after the elevator is sent to the bin, after the vibration hopper vibration feeder into the sand and alkali weighing bucket, after weighing, into the mixing machine, after mixing evenly, through the mixing belt machine, elevator sent to the bunker before the furnace. Through the wrapping type feeder, into the horseshoe flame kiln, through the high temperature generated by gas combustion, in 1300~1500℃, after a series of complex chemical and physical reactions, the formation of 1100~1200℃ high-temperature liquid materials, like glass liquid, after forming, the formation of solid products. Can enter the market as a finished product. The final use is a liquid product, and the solid product is dissolved with water to form a liquid product. Currently, the chemical methods used are atmospheric cooking and high-pressure dissolution methods. The atmospheric cooking method refers to the solid product being in the atmospheric pressure container, hot water cooking, due to low pressure, less dissolution, and low liquid concentration, as a product to use must be concentrated. The high-pressure dissolution method refers to the material and water added to the container in a certain proportion through the higher pressure of steam; after a certain time to reach the corresponding concentration, through the higher pressure, it can be put into the product storage tank, after precipitation, the clear liquid is used as a product.

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The wide application of sodium silicate products makes this industry occupy an important position

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