Semikron #SKIM200GD126D New Instock

Semikron #PM100RSD120
Absolute Maximum Ratings, Tj = 25∞C unless otherwise supecified
Power Device Junction Temperature Tj- 20 to 150°C
Storage TemperatureTstg-40 to 125°C
Case Operating Temperature*TC-20 to 100°C
Weight (Typical) 920Grams
Supply Voltage Protected by OC and SCVCC(prot.) 800Volts (VD = 13.5 – 16.5V, Inverter Part) Tj = 125°C) StartIsolation Voltage, AC 1 minute, 60Hz Sinusoidal VISO 2500Volts I
GBT Inverter Sector
Collector-Emitter Voltage (VD = 15V, VCIN = 15V) VCES 1200 Volts
Collector Current, ± (TC = 25°C) IC 100 Amperes
Peak Collector Current, ± (TC = 25°C) ICP 200 Amperes
Supply Voltage (Applied between P – N) VCC 800Volts
Supply Voltage, Surge (Applied between P – N) VCC(surge) 1000Volts
Collector Dissipation (TC = 25°C) PC 595 Watts
IGBT Brake Sector
Collector-Emitter Voltage (VD = 15V, VCIN = 15V) VCES 1200Volts
Collector Current, ± (TC = 25°C) IC 50Amperes
Peak Collector Current, ± (TC = 25°C) ICP 100Amperes
FWDi Rated DC Reverse Voltage (TC = 25°C) VR(DC) 1200Volts
FWDi Forward Current (TC = 25°C) IF 50Amperes
Collector Dissipation (TC = 25∞C) PC 416 Watts
PM100RSD120 is a 1200V 100 Ampere Intellimod™ IntelligentPower Module

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