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#SCM1246MF Description
The SCM1246MF series are high voltage three-phase motor driver ICs in which transistors, pre-driver ICs (MICs), and bootstrap circuits (diodes and resistors) are highly integrated. These products can run on a three-shunt current detection system and optimally control the inverter systems of medium-capacity motors that require universal input standards.
● Each half-bridge circuit consists of a pre-driver IC
● In case of malfunction, all outputs shut down via three FO pins connected together
● Built-in bootstrap diodes with current limmiting resistors (22 Ω)
● CMOS compatible input (3.3 to 5 V)
● Pb free
● Isolation voltage: 2500 V for 1 min,
UL recognized component (File No.: E118037)
● Fault signal output at protection activation
● Protections include:
Undervoltage Lockout for power supply
High-side (UVLO_VB): Auto-restart
Low-side (UVLO_VCC): Auto-restart
Overcurrent Protection (OCP): Auto-restart Simultaneous On-state Prevention: Auto-restart Thermal Shutdown (TSD): Auto-restart
For motor drives such as:
● Refrigerator compressor motor
● Air conditioner compressor motor
● Washing machine main motor
● Fan motor
● Pump motor
Main Supply Voltage (DC) VDC 450V
IGBT Breakdown Voltage VCES 600V
Output Current (DC)(1) IO TC = 25 °C 15A
Output Current (Pulse) IOP TC = 25 °C, PW ≤ 1ms 45A
Junction Temperature(3) Tj 150 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg −40 to 150 °C
Isolation Voltage(4) VISO(RMS) 2500V
500V / 600V High Voltage Three-phase Motor Driver ICs

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