Mitsubishi #CM75DY-24H New Instock

   Description:Mitsubishi IGBT Modules are de-signed for use in switching applica-tions. Each module consists of sixIGBTs in a three phase bridge con-figuration, with each transistor hav-ing a reverse-connected super-fastrecovery free-wheel diode. All com-ponents and interconnects are iso-lated from the heat sinking base-plate, offering simplified system as-sembly and thermal management.
.Low Drive PoweruLow VCE(sat)
.Discrete Super-Fast Recovery Free-Wheel Diode
.High Frequency Operation
.Isolated Baseplate for Easy Heat Sinking
.AC Motor Control
.Motion/Servo Control
.Welding Power Supplies
Absolute Maximum Ratings, Tj = 25 °C unless otherwise specified
Ratings Symbol CM15TF-12H Units
Junction Temperature Tj–40 to +150°C
Storage Temperature Tstg–40 to +125°C
Collector-Emitter Voltage (G-E SHORT) VCES 1200 Volts
Gate-Emitter Voltage (C-E SHORT) VGES ±20 Volts
Collector Current (TC = 25°C) IC 75 Amperes
Peak Collector Current ICM 150* Amperes
Emitter Current** (TC = 25°C) IE 75 Amperes
Peak Emitter Current** IEM 150* Amperes
Maximum Collector Dissipation (TC = 25°C, Tj ≤ 150°C) Pc 600 Watts
Mounting Torque, M5 Mounting 1.47 ~ 1.96 N · m
Mounting Torque, M6 Mounting 1.96 ~ 2.94 N · m
Weight 190 Gram
Isolation Voltage (Main Terminal to Baseplate, AC 1 min.) Viso 2500 Vrms

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CM75DY-24H CM75DY-24H

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