Mitsubishi #PM450CG1C065 New Instock

a) Adopting Full-Gate CSTBTTM chip.
b) The over-temperature protection which
detects the chip surface temperature of
CSTBTTM is adopted.
c) Error output signal is available from
each protection upper and lower arm of IPM.
d) Outputting an error signal corresponding
to the abnormal state (error mode identification)
Collector-Emitter Voltage VD=15 V, VCIN=15 V VCES:650 V
Collector Current TC=25 °C IC:450A
Collector Current Pulse ICRM: 675 A
Total Power Dissipation TC=25 °C Ptot: 1388 W
Emitter Current TC=25 °C IE: 450A
(Free-wheeling Diode Forward current) Pulse IERM: 675 A
Junction Temperature (Note5) Tvj: -20 ~ +150 °C
Isolation Voltage 60Hz, Sinusoidal, Charged part to Base plate, AC 1min, RMS Visol: 2500V

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PM450CG1C065 PM450CG1C065

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