Introducing the Infineon FF300R17KE3 and FF300R12KE4_B2 IGBT Modules

Infineon Technologies offers a range of high-performance Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) modules designed for various power electronics applications. Among these, the FF300R17KE3 and FF300R12KE4_B2 stand out for their robust specifications and reliability.

FF300R17KE3 IGBT Module

Introducing the Infineon FF300R17KE3 and FF300R12KE4_B2 IGBT Modules

The FF300R17KE3 is a high-power IGBT module designed for industrial applications that demand high efficiency and reliability. Here are its primary features:

  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCES): 1700 V
  • Collector Current (IC): 300 A
  • Configuration: Dual IGBT with a trench/field stop design
  • Switching Frequency: Optimized for low switching losses
  • Thermal Performance: Enhanced thermal resistance with a copper baseplate
  • Package: Standard 62mm package for easy integration
  • Protection: High short-circuit capability and self-limiting short-circuit current
  • Applications: Suitable for motor drives, renewable energy systems, and industrial inverters

FF300R12KE4_B2 IGBT Module

Introducing the Infineon FF300R17KE3 and FF300R12KE4_B2 IGBT Modules

The FF300R12KE4_B2 is another robust IGBT module from Infineon, designed for high efficiency in demanding applications. Its main characteristics include:

  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCES): 1200 V
  • Collector Current (IC): 300 A
  • Configuration: Dual IGBT with a trench/field stop IGBT4 and emitter-controlled diode
  • Switching Frequency: Low switching losses for high-frequency applications
  • Thermal Interface: Optional thermal interface material for improved heat dissipation
  • Package: 62mm package similar to other Infineon modules
  • Reliability: High short-circuit capability and positive temperature coefficient of VCEsat
  • Applications: Ideal for frequency-controlled inverters, motor drives, and power conversion systems

Comparison and Potential for Substitution

While both modules are designed for high-power applications, there are key differences primarily in their voltage ratings and specific optimizations. The FF300R17KE3 supports higher voltage applications (up to 1700V) compared to the FF300R12KE4_B2, which is rated for 1200V. This makes the FF300R17KE3 suitable for more demanding environments where higher voltage capacity is necessary.

Given their different voltage ratings, these modules are not directly interchangeable without considering the specific voltage requirements of your application. For applications that operate within the 1200V range, the FF300R12KE4_B2 would be a suitable and potentially more efficient choice due to its optimization for lower switching losses. On the other hand, the FF300R17KE3 is better suited for applications needing higher voltage capacity.

Promotional Summary

The Infineon FF300R17KE3 and FF300R12KE4_B2 IGBT modules are engineered to deliver exceptional performance in high-power, industrial applications. Whether you need the higher voltage capability of the FF300R17KE3 or the efficient, low-switching loss characteristics of the FF300R12KE4_B2, Infineon provides reliable solutions to meet your power electronics needs.

For more information and to explore how these IGBT modules can enhance your applications, visit Shunlongwei Co. Ltd.


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