#NIEC #PGH10016AM New Stock

Sell PGH10016AM, #NIEC #PGH10016AM New Stock, Thyristor Module 100A 1600V 3-phase diode bridge plus, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #PGH10016AM

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Manufacturer Part Number: PGH10016AM
* Isolated Base
* 3 Phase Converter with Rush-Current Controllable Thyristor
* High Surge Capability
* UL Recognized, File No. E187184 TYPICAL APPLICATIONS
* Converter For UPS , VVVF and Servo Motor Drive Amplifier
Maximum Ratings
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage  VRRM 1600V
Surge Forward Current *1 IFSM50 Hz Half Sine Wave,1Pulse, Non-Repetitive 100 A
Surge On-State Current ITSM 50 Hz Half Sine Wave,1Pulse Non-Repetitive  200A
Peak Reverse Current *1 IRMVRM= VRRM, Tj= 125°C 20 mA
Peak Forward Voltage *1 VFMIFM= 100A, Tj=25°C 1.20V
Critical Rate of Turned-On Current di/dt VD=2/3VDRM, ITM=2•IO, Tj=125°C IG=200mA, diG/dt=0.2A/μs 100 A/μs
Peak Gate Power PGM5 W Average Gate Power PG(AV) 1 W
Peak Gate Current IGM 2 A
Peak Gate Voltage VGM 10 V
Peak Gate Reverse Voltage VRGM5 V
Peak Off-State Current IDMVDM= VDRM, Tj= 125°C 20mA

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