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Infineon FZ400R12KS4 is a high-power module designed for use in industrial and automotive applications. It is consisting of 2 IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration, making it suitable for use in applications requiring high power and voltage.

This module(FZ400R12KS4) has a blocking voltage of 1200V & current rating of 400A, widely use in electric vehicles, wind turbines, and other applications that require high power handling capabilities. It also has a low on-state voltage drop, which reduces power losses and increases efficiency.

Infineon FZ400R12KS4 also has built-in protection features such as overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and short-circuit protection.

Infineon #FZ400R12KS4 Description:

Brand: Infineon Technologies AG
Vces: 1,200 Volts DC
Ic: 400 Amps
Vges +/-: ±20
Ices Max: 5 MilliAmps
Iges Max: 0.4 MicroAmps
Vge(th) Min/Max: 6.5 Volts
Vce(sat) Max: 3.7 Volts
Height (mm): 36.5
Width (mm): 106.4
Depth (mm): 61.4
H x W x D (in.): 1.44 x 4.19 x 2.42

FZ400R12KS4 could be used in high-frequency switching
62mm C-series module with the fast IGBT2 for high-frequency switching.

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