Semikron #SKKD 46/12 New Instock

SKKD 46/12 SKKD 46/12 SKKD 46/12
Manufacturer Semikron
Type of module diode
Semiconductor structure double series
Max. off-state voltage 1.2kV
Load current 45A
Version A10
Max. forward voltage 1.95V
Max. forward impulse current 600A
Mounting screw
Electrical mounting screw
Max. load current 90A Additional information
Gross weight: 92.767 g
Manufacturer part number: SKKD 46/12
Semikron Diode: 46A1200V Module: diode; double series; 1.2kV; If: 45A; SEMIPACK1; V: A10; 90A

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SKKD 46/12 SKKD 46/12

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