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No matter at any age, body care is essential. Human body skin faces severe challenges from the external environment and the faster and faster pace of life, including aging, life pressure, environmental pollution, unbalanced diet, excessive exposure to sunlight, etc., all of which affect the condition of body skin. Basic classification, body care can be subdivided into: neck, upper limbs, hands, body, buttocks, abdomen, lower limbs, feet and many other parts of the body care needs. Body care can be subdivided into: hydration and whitening, slimming, body fragrance, exfoliation, problem conditioning and many other body care products according to the effect of care. Body care can be subdivided into: sprays, gels, lotions, creams and other forms of products according to the product form.

Naturehood is a private label cosmetics manufacturer with 22 years of production experience specializing in cosmetics for personal skin care, mom & baby care, and household cleaning products. Having established comprehensive strength in the industry for many years,Group strives to create high-quality management platform.lmplementation of 6S-sitemanagement platformand IS09000 quality management system and 6Squality assessment system,To ensure production of high quality washing skincare products. Truly create a “happy employees first, customer satisfaction first.Social esteem first “cosmetics OEM manufacturer.


To select the world’s best natural raw materials, Ausmetics signs exclusive strategic cooperation agreements with British Fairking Botanical Garden, Australian Green Gold Olive Garden, and Hubei Zaoyang Rose Garden to ensure that all the raw materials we use are free from pollution during planting, picking, extraction and production. Ausmetics strives to guarantee the authenticity of raw materials to produce vegan, organic, cruelty free private label cosmetics products.


FULL SUPPORTING CLEAN ROOM,HIGH-END PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT IS ABLE TO MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS.THERE IS LEADING TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD FOR CREATING CUTTING-EDGE PRODUCTS 1French research center joins hands in adopting an innovative high pressure extraction method.(the most expensive extraction technology of plant preservation) 2. Japanese R & D lab joins hands in achieving the development of bio-organic fermentation chamber technology (SK2 technology is still in use) 3、South Korea R & D lab joins hands in the breakthrough of nanofiltration technology 4、Become a strategic partner with Disney in early 2016

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