Infineon FZ600R65KF2 New Stock

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Infineon FZ600R65KF2 is a high-power module designed for use in industrial motor drives, renewable energy systems, & uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). It belongs to third-generation IGBT module features a low-loss IGBT and a fast recovery diode.
FZ600R65KF2 has a voltage rating 650V & current rating of 600A, uses a dual-channel configuration to provide low-inductance and low-switching losses, which helps to increase efficiency and reduce heat generation.
FZ600R65KF2 module designed with a built-in NTC temperature sensor, allows for real-time temperature monitoring and protection against overheating.
Maximum ratings and characteristics
Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
Collector-emitter voltage Tvj = 25°C,VCES 6500 V
Continuous DC collector current 600A
Repetitive peak collector currentt ICRM 1200A
Total power dissipation Ptot 11500 W
Gate-emitter peak voltage VGES +/-20V
Temperature under switching conditions Tvj op-40~150°C
Weight 1400g
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