Fuji #6DI100A-050 New Instock


The Fuji 6DI100A-050 is a thyristor power module with a compact package design and PC board mount. It has a low saturation voltage and includes a converter diode bridge and dynamic brake circuit. The module is intended for use in applications such as inverter for motor drives, AC and DC servo drive amplifiers, and uninterruptible power supplies.

The module has the following maximum ratings and characteristics:

Collector-Emitter voltage (VCE): 600V
Gate-Emitter voltage (VGE): 450V
Collector current (IC): 100A
Collector current (ICP): 200A
Collector power dissipation (PC): 400W
Collector-Emitter voltage (VCES): 1200V
Operating junction temperature (TJ): +150°C
Storage temperature (TSTG): -40°C to +125°C
Mounting screw torque: 3.5 * 1 N·m
Weight: 450g

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