Do you know the functions of zinc stearate in coatings

In the paint industry, zinc stearate is used as a polishing agent. Zinc stearate is dispersed in the paint as a fine suspension due to its incompatibility with paint components. When forming a film, it is distributed on the surface of the paint film, making the surface of the paint film Produce microscopic roughness. Zinc stearate is the least soluble stearate among the five common stearates. It has excellent transparency, dispersion, adhesion, weather resistance, storage, etc.


Zinc stearate is an important paint drier. When used with other drier, it can accelerate the paint film's drying, improve its surface condition, eliminate wrinkling, graining, fogging, and other defects, and achieve consistency between the surface and the inside. , dries quickly, is flat and smooth, has a plump appearance and good gloss. It is also a good wetting dispersant, which can improve the wetting properties of pigments and paints, increase grinding efficiency, and prevent the tendency of pigments to precipitate during storage. Stearic acid Zinc is also a stabilizer for drier agents such as cobalt, manganese, and lead, which can prevent the loss of drier force caused by certain pigments or fillers and the formation of crusts during storage.


In transparent primer, the transparency directly affects the beauty of the wood. Therefore, zinc stearate produced by the water method cannot be used in transparent wood paint, mainly because there are too many impurities. The zinc stearate produced by the direct method can meet the purity requirements, but the process requirements are also very high. Different production processes have a great impact on transparency. It is possible that small differences in processes can lead to huge differences in transparency… Therefore, although there are many direct-method manufacturers of zinc stearate, few can be used in the coatings industry. This is also the core technology of zinc stearate coating companies. The usual testing method for transparency is to use a certain proportion of resin, solvent, and zinc stearate to disperse, one test sample and one standard sample, and then use an applicator to apply a layer of film on black and white paper or glass to see the degree of transparency.


In the coating, the fineness of zinc stearate should not be too large. This will cause the effect of spraying the board to be full of particles protruding from the surface, and some areas that have not been polished will appear uneven. Sometimes, zinc stearate contains coarse particles, which will also have a certain impact on the aesthetics of the paint film.


Many zinc stearate manufacturers also mentioned the dispersion problem during the coatings production process. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem with the dispersion of zinc stearate in paint. However, during the production process of zinc stearate, some indicators will have a certain impact on the dispersion, such as the dispersion of zinc stearate. When the acid value is too high, the temperature of the semi-finished product is too high, or the workers press the package too hard, there will be problems with poor dispersion of the zinc powder in the paint. At the same time, if the moisture in the zinc powder is too high, crystallization problems will also occur, which is considered poor dispersion.


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Do you know the functions of zinc stearate in coatings

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