11 advantages of LED backlight display technology

The core of LED backlight LCD display technology is to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp with an LED light-emitting diode as the backlight of the LCD display. LED backlight display technology is one of the “future” core technologies of LCD products.

LED backlight LCD display and CCFL backlight display contrast

In the electronics industry, a backlight is a form of lighting, often used in LCD displays. The difference between the backlight and front light is that the backlight is shining from the side or behind, while the front light is shining from the front as the name implies.

LED backlight LCD display refers to the use of LED (light-emitting diode) as the backlight of the LCD screen. LED backlight display technology LCD, which can expand the color gamut of LCD to 105% of NTSC standard, can basically reproduce most of the natural scenes observed by people.


The traditional LCD display usually USES the cold cathode fluorescent lamp as the light source.

Compared with the traditional CCFL (cold cathode tube) backlight display, LED has the characteristics of low power consumption, low calorific value, high brightness, and long service life. It is expected to completely replace the traditional backlight system in recent years.

Why is LED backlight display technology widely concerned?

The most important reason is that LED backlight technology is particularly bright color-led backlight tv. In the field of video, people generally use NTSC as the standard to measure the color reduction characteristics of video devices. This index is to point to inside whole color space, display equipment can be shown on all sorts of color what kind of saturation, can show conspicuous namely what to reach.


What are the advantages of LED backlight LCD display technology over traditional CCFL backlight LCD display?

11 advantages of LED backlight display technology

1. Long service life of led backlight display. In general, led bulbs have a very long life compared with other ordinary lamps, which can last more than 10 years;

2, LED is a kind of planar light source, the most basic luminous unit is 3 ~ 5mm side length square package, very easy to combine together into a given area of surface light, with good brightness uniformity, the planar structure makes the LED has a stable internal structure, seismic performance is excellent. If used as the backlight of LCD TV, the auxiliary optical components needed can be made very simple and the screen brightness uniformity is better;

3. The flickering frequency of the traditional CCFL lamp is low, which may generate a flickering image in the performance of a dynamic scene. The LED backlight can flexibly adjust the luminous frequency, and the frequency is much higher than that of CCFL;

4. LED brightness adjustment range is large, LED backlight LCD display can adapt to a variety of states of the environment, unlike the minimum brightness of CCFL there is a threshold, general energy-saving lamps if in the state of frequent opening and closing is very easy to break, and LED bulbs can adapt to this high state of the work environment;

5. the production of led backlight display, using the world’s top lighting production technology, its light source for the surface light source, this light source can increase the luminous surface, very close to people’s eyes;

6. There is no mercury, lead, or other harmful substances in the led backlight, which is environmentally friendly;

7. The temperature of LED backlight is generally stipulated to be -20°C~80°C;

8. LED USES a low-voltage power supply of 5-24v, which does not need high voltage. It is very safe, and the design of the power supply module is quite simple;

9. LED backlight display has better color gamut and its color expression is better than CCFL backlight LCD display; Color: red/green/blue/yellow/white/orange/purple/pink;

10. LED can use red, green, and blue to emit light independently, which is easy to accurately control and display color characteristics;

11. The white balance of the LED backlight LCD display can ensure the overall contrast and brightness.

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