Techsem #MTC400A/1800V New Instock


. Isolated mounting base 2500V~
. Pressure co ntac tet chnology w ith
Incrtased power cycling capability
. Space and weight savings
Typical Applications
. AC/DC Motor drives
. Various re ctifiers
. DC supply for PWM inverter
Maximum allowable average forward current (Case temperature) ITAV/IFAV (Tcase) 400 A (85ºC) Repetitive pulsed reverse voltage; Repetitive pulsed closed state voltage VRRM/VDRM 1800 V
Surge on-state current ITSM/IFSM 12.5 A
Safety factor I2t 781 kA2·s
Threshold voltage VT(TO) 0.80 V
Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage dv/dt 800 V/µs
Critical rate of rise of on-state current di/dt 100 A/µs
Repetitive pulse current when closed; repetitive pulse return current IDRM/IRRM 35 mA
Gate trigger DC current IGT 200 mA
Gate trigger direct DC voltage VGT 3.0 V
Holding current IH 200 mA Open pulse voltage VTM 1.52 V
Open pulse current ITM 1200 A
On-state slope resistance rT 0.49 mΩ
Junction temperature Tvj max 125 ºC
Thermal resistance, junction to case Rth(j-c) 0.080 ºC/W
Mounting torque(M6) 6.0 N·m
Stored temperature Tstg: -40~125 ºC
Weight 2040 g

The MTC400A/1800V is an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module that is designed for use in high-voltage switching applications. It is manufactured by Techsem, a company that specializes in the design and production of power electronic devices.

The MTC400A/1800V IGBT module is designed to operate at a maximum voltage of 1800V and can handle currents up to 400A. It is equipped with a built-in fast recovery diode, which helps to reduce switching losses and improve system efficiency. The module also has a high switching speed and a low on-state resistance, which enables it to handle high power loads with minimal power loss.

In summary, the MTC400A/1800V IGBT module is a high-voltage switching device that is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including power conversion, motor control, and inverter systems.

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MTC400A/1800V MTC400A/1800V

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