SanRex #PK55HB120 New Instock

   Manufacturer Part Number: #PK55HB120
Manufacturer: SanRex Corporation
DC Gate Trigger Current-Max: 100 mA
DC Gate Trigger Voltage-Max: 2 V
Desc. of Quick-Connects: 0
Desc. of Screw Terminals: 0
Holding Current-Max: 50 mA
Leakage Current-Max: 10 mA
Non-Repetitive Pk On-state Cur: 1100 A
On-state Current-Max: 55000 A
Operating Temperature-Max: 125 °C
Operating Temperature-Min: -40 °C
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: 1200 V
Subcategory: Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
Trigger Device Type: SCR
Silicon Controlled Rectifier, 55000mA I(T), 1200V V(RRM)

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PK55HB120 PK55HB120

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