Infineon IGCM10F60GA New Stock

Sell IGCM10F60GA, #Infineon #IGCM10F60GA New Stock, ControlIntegratedPOwerSystemDualIn-Line Intelligent Power Module3Φ-bridge 600V / 10A, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #IGCM10F60GA
Fully isolated DualIn-Line molded module
.Infineon reverse conducting IGBTs with monolithic body diode
.Rugged SOI gate driver technology with stability against transient and negative voltage
.Allowable negative VS potential up to -11V for signal transmission at VBS=15V
.Integrated bootstrap functionality
.Overcurrent shutdown
.Temperature monitor
.Under-voltage lockout at all channels
.Low side emitter pins accessible for all phase current monitoring(open emitter)
.Cross-conduction prevention
.All of 6 switches turn off during protection
.Minimum deadtime built in driver IC
.Lead-free terminal plating; RoHS compliant
Target Applications
.Dish washers
.Washing machines
.Low power motor drives
The CIPOS™ module family offers the chance for integrating various power and control components to increase reliability, optimize PCB size and system costs.
It is designed to control three phaseAC motors and permanent magnet motors in variable speed drives for applications like air conditioning, refrigeratorand washing machine. The package concept is specially adapted to power applications, which need good thermal conduction and electrical isolation, but also EMI-save control and overload protection. The features of Infineon reverse conducting IGBTare combined with anoptimized SOI gate driver for excellent electrical performance.
System Configuration
.3 halfbridges with reverse conducting IGBT
.3Φ SOI gate driver
.Pin-to-heasink creepage distance typ. 1.6mm
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