Buss Mann FWP-100B New Stock

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Features and Benefits
• Excellent dc performance
• Low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t)
• Low watts loss
• Superior cycling capability
Typical Applications
• DC common bus
• DC drives
• Power converters/rectifiers
• Reduced voltage starters
Parallel Connection
When fuses are connected in parallel it is recommended that the applied voltage does not exceed 0.9 UN(the rated volt-age of the fuse). This is due to the fact that the energy released within the fuses may be unevenly shared between
the parallel connected barrels.
When fuses are connected in parallel, one must take into account that the current sharing is not necessarily equal.
And it must be checked, that the maximum load current is not exceeded.
DC Operation
Depending upon the short-circuit time constant and the mag-nitude of the prospective short-circuit current, the dc voltageat which a fuse can be applied may be less than its ac rating.Long time constants require a lower dc voltage. Conversely,however, higher available prospective short-circuit currentsresult in faster fuse openings and thus permit a fuse to beoperated at a higher dc voltage.
Consult Cooper Bussmann for additional information andapplication assistance when fuses have to operate under dcconditions.
Volts:— 130Vac
Amps:— 1000-4000A
IR:— 200kA RMS Sym.
— 50kA @130Vdc
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