Fuji #6MBP160RUA060-01 New Instock

6MBP160RUA060-01 6MBP160RUA060-01 6MBP160RUA060-01 6MBP160RUA060-01 6MBP160RUA060-01

FUJI 6MBP160RUA060-01 IGBT-IPM / 600V / 160A
Fuji  Electric’s  600 V  U-IPM  that  uses  a  U-series IGBT  chip  having  a  trench  NPT  structure  has  beendescribed above.  This U-IPM provides suitable perfor-mance to satisfy the marketplace in which lower loss isrequired.      In   the   future,   Fuji   Electric   intends   tocontinue to develop new IPMs that will satisfy market requirements.
FUJI 6MBP160RUA060-01 IGBT-IPM / 600V / 160A


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